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At UP! Your Service, we’ve been helping our clients from across the world to build Service Culture. And, since 2016 we have offically marked our presence in Romania. All our services are dedicated to help you improve your customers experience. Use our consultancy services to transform your organisation and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Or, you can choose to improve your customer experience by using our Service Excellence Workshops. And, if you have a specific challenge that prevents you from delivering superior services, we will help you to overcome it through Strategic Service Improvement.

Curious to see how we can help you achieve Superior Services?

Service Culture Full Transformation

We help you to transform your organization service culture to an Uplifting Service Culture, which enables you to dramatically improve your service, empower you to differentiate based on quality service and help you make the changes that stick.

Service Excellence Workshops

These Workshops provides Education on Service Principles and interactive exercises to practices Service Excellence. Education means going beyond mere service training, encouraging your employees to think about a situation and the people they service, creating and collaborating to choose the best course of action, and then implementing together to deliver an excellent service experience.

Strategic Service Improvement

Your organization might be facing specific challenges that prevent you from delivering Superior Services to your customers. They could be your current systems, processes or specific departments struggling to improve their quality of service. In this case, our expert consultants will provide you with the strategic measures to overcome these challenges.

Resources to Build Your Service Culture

Every great expedition begins with a great idea. However, embarking on a journey into a new world also requires planning, commitment, and the right set of tools. Great explorers prepare themselves with proper gear and training resources. To help you succeed along the path, UP! Your Service resources provide the tools and training resources you need to uplift your service performance and build an uplifting service culture – free articles, videos, and easy to follow guides – revealing new ways you can begin transforming your culture today.


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Uplifting Service

Ron Kaufman reveals the proven architecture leaders and organizations use to build superior and sustainable service cultures. In this New York Times bestseller, Kaufman highlights the tools and principles you can apply to become distinguished by Uplifting Service.



  1. Dramatically improve service performance to customers and between colleagues?
  2. Differentiate from your competition based on the quality of your service?
  3. Get immediate service results, build a stronger service culture, and make them both enduring?If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, this assessment will help you identify where your culture is today and help align your team for where you want to go. Download Service Culture Assessment Tool PDF.


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Chat with Service intellect: Andreea Stanescu, Vice-President Service Delivery, EMEA, Stefanini

Chat with Service intellect: Andreea Stanescu, Vice-President Service Delivery, EMEA, Stefanini

It is no secret that Stefanini has high CSI when it comes to service delivery, What is the key ingredient for excellent customer service in your organization? Indeed, Stefanini has a high CSI, but when it comes to CSI high is never high enough.…
David Gedlicka, CEO porsche finance group, Romania. Presenting his thoughts on customer service and a leaders role in improving it.

Chat with Service intellect: David Gedlicka, CEO at Porsche Finance Group Romania

Here is our latest addition in the series of Chat with Service intellect. This month we had an opportunity to converse with David Gedlicka, CEO at Porsche Finance Group Romania. He shared with us his opinion on Role of Customer Experience in…

The Entrance Gate to Superior Service

Băneasa Shopping City – Underground Parking Project. This project is build to create an emotional connection with customers by conveying a pleasant, clear, intuitive experience in the underground parking.About Băneasa Shopping City With…