chat with Service Intellect is a article section. Here we interview CEOs and Key leaders of business environment. They all have lead companies that marked success in creating superior customer experience in their organization.

Chat with Service Intellect is our section where you will find thoughts of Key business leaders. These leaders have lead teams which created a culture of Service mindset in their organization. And, in this section they answer some important questions about their knowledge, experience and opinion on customer service. We are constantly searching for more leaders who can contribute to our section. So that, we can effectively share the knowledge on improving customer experience with you.

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This section is dedicated to articles on Customer Service improvements. Our global consultants are constantly sharing their knowledge on various topics that affect customer service. They are expert in their fields and have been working in this area for years. In this section you can read articles across many categories such as: Service Culture, Service mindset, Service leadership, etc. While you are reading articles in your favorite category, you can also leave us your thoughts in comment sections. Have fun reading!