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6. Fuel for an Uplifting Service Culture

  • Complaints can work as a trigger for taking new action and catalyzing positive change.
  • Sharing customer complaints throughout the organization educates everyone to understand what your customers experience, expect and insist upon receiving.
  • Complaints prevent complacency. New problems keep humility high and teammates on their toes.
  • Logging and frequently reviewing customer complaints enables you to focus the organization’s attention, priorities and budget.

7. Find New Business Opportunities

  • The things customers complain about may present new business opportunities for increasing revenue, reducing operational costs, solving problems and increasing value.

8. Obtain Competitive Intelligence

  • Customer comments and complaints (particularly those along the lines of “company ABC does it this way) can provide you with valuable competitive intelligence, letting you know what others are doing that you are not (yet).

9. Understand Your Customers Better

  • When customers complain, you learn which customers are willing to speak up. These customers can (and should) be invited to participate in customer focus groups, surveys, panels, beta-tests, on-site visits and other research activities.

10. Build Customer Loyalty

  • Customer complaints provide an opportunity to reply, respond and win back customer loyalty.
  • Most upset customers simply walk away and then complain about you to their friends, colleagues, acquaintances and family members. Those who complain are giving you another chance!

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  1. Glenn Friesen
    Glenn Friesen says:


    Insightful list.

    As you point out — feedback is truly a good thing. The big tip for brands: make it easy for your customers to complain. That’s where your feedback loop starts!

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