You know you’ve got unhappy customers so you’ve decided it’s time to do a complete service overhaul. You’ve spent hours with your C-level executives crafting a strategic plan and making sure your i’s are dotted and your t’s are crossed. The idea is to roll out the new plan in one area of your company—for example, your call center—and get things under control there before you move on to the next department. Over time, as you get your strategy perfected and everyone buys in, you’ll surely reap the benefits. Makes sense, right?

Sorry, but that’s no way to start a revolution. When you’re transforming a company culture to be more service-focused and effective, you have to move more boldly and get the message out to everyone more quickly. You don’t have time to let culture change drip down to the masses or bubble up from the bottom in one or two departments. You must cascade your transformational effort in a much wider and deeper effort from the beginning.

Creating a superior service culture throughout an organization is like getting a new rocket into orbit. You need a massive and focused effort at the beginning to overcome the gravity of old attitudes and behaviors. And soon after your first new service successes, you need another enormous booster to keep momentum going and get into a sustainable orbit.

The results are well worth the efforts. When people at all levels and departments throughout an organization step up together—at the same time—to deliver better service, then full engagement occurs and the culture “tips” into a new and better direction.

Of course, there will be obstacles along the way. It’s how you deal with those obstacles that counts.

Companies sometimes receive push back from employees and even high-level leaders. Without the right framework for building an uplifting service culture, as laid out in my book, a company’s transformation will slow to a halt and nothing much will change. Good customers will leave, and often high-performing employees will head for the door.

And that’s where my book, Uplifting Service: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues, and Everyone Else You Meet comes in. Rather than sit back and wait for others to “go first,” the book enables and empowers employees—whether they’re in the C-suite or a cluttered cubicle—to change the game from their level and position and follow the path to an uplifting service transformation.

Click here to read Part Two: Seven lessons learned the hard way that will help you keep your efforts to uplift service on the right track.

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  1. Anmar Marjan
    Anmar Marjan says:

    Thank you Ron for sharing these ideas, they are really helpful to improve our customer service view.

  2. Aamir
    Aamir says:

    Hi Ron, this newsletter came at a right time for me as I took over my responsibility in new a country and where service mind set is at its lowest with very high level of demotivation. Many people have left us over the last 12 months.I intend to start a cultural change journey. I anxiously wait for seven lessons. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Salem Al Harith
    Salem Al Harith says:

    Was really helpful and I certainly will read Uplifting Service. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. Mohammed
    Mohammed says:

    Dear Kaufman

    Thanks for your article which we receiving all the time, uplifting service its really uplifting us day by day.

    Thank you so much.

  5. Ram ayodhya
    Ram ayodhya says:

    Dear Sir

    Thanks for your article.Uplift service is very useful & create practical motivation in daily work.

    Thanking you!

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