Share YOUR Six Words About Service

I grew up with a game in our family called “Share Six Words.”

You must express your idea, thought, feeling, question, concern, or promise in exactly six words. While challenging, it is also quite amazing how meaningful six words can be.

Poignant, provocative, and productive conversations happen easily when you get right to the point.

So here are my “Six Words About Service” for you to ponder:

Service is not what you think.

What are your Six Words? We invite you to comment, but remember, say it in just Six Words.

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  1. Wasseem
    Wasseem says:

    1-Service is more than you imagine.

    2-Service is action to add value

    3- Good service evaluated by good impact

    4- Service is Art of helping people

  2. Michael Vitale
    Michael Vitale says:

    Service; “It’s What Life’s About”.

    Pay It Forward With Exceptional Service.

  3. Ma. Luisa C. Segovia
    Ma. Luisa C. Segovia says:

    Nurturing Relationships equal excellent customer service !

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