Six Most Popular Service Blog Posts of 2014

It’s the end of July and the topic of service improvement is higher on leader’s agenda than ever. The need to compete and win based on service is a pressing concern in every industry and all over the world.

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Here are the Six Most Popular Blog Posts of the year (so far). Each provides content and context with tools and tips you can apply right away. Take these now and share them with the leaders in your organization.

What are the 9 (plus 1) Behaviors of Truly Loyal Customers?

There is a big difference between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Customer satisfaction is always an opinion, assessment, snapshot. It’s the answer to the question “Are you happy with what we have done for you?” But it is not always true that a satisfied customer will also become a loyal customer. So what is customer loyalty, and how do you earn it and keep it for your organization?

The Six Signs of a Second Rate Service Culture

In our work with organizations all over the world, we encounter six signs of substandard service culture. Each of these signs can defeat the best intentions of service leaders and degrade the best effort of service providers. Do any of these signs look or sound familiar to you?

Five Reasons Why Customer Service and Service Culture are Marketing Conversations

Mistaken marketing professionals also believe that building a strong service culture is someone else’s job. This way of thinking is obsolete. Here are five reasons why customer service and service culture are so important for companies and brands, and for clear-thinking marketing professionals.

Are Your Managers a Roadblock to Successful Service Education? Ten Tips to Turn Your Managers into Champions

Research shows what a manager does before and after training is actually the most powerful influencer and predictor of results. Unfortunately, in many learning initiatives, the role of the manager is an after-thought, only addressed when a project meets resistance and gets stuck. It does not have to be this way. Here are 10 tips for supporting managers before, during and after service learning events.

In the World of Big Data, Old School Customer Service Never Goes Out of Date

Today we use sophisticated technologies to learn a great deal about our customers. We track what they like, what they spend, what they search for, where they go, and how often they return. Yet despite all this new “big data” and the insights it can deliver, customers all over the world still appreciate “Old School Customer Service”. These five techniques are time-tested, and they work as well today as they have for generations.

Improving Service is a Journey that can be Engineered

One thing is common across the companies known for outstanding service – their founders and leaders declare service a top priority, and align all other practices in the company to make it so. Senior leaders who lower the priority of service should not expect a culture of service excellence to grow. So how do leadership teams align and build commitment? These four leadership practices deliver value and results.