CapitaMalls’ extensive network of retail real estate is well known for its stunning architecture, expansive shopping, and diverse dining options. However, while this impressive development company has been paying the price to set the standard, its efforts have been too easily duplicated by competitors.

Recognizing that there was no way to prevent others from copying CapitaMalls’ developmental successes, CEO Lim Beng Chee began looking for a more sustainable competitive advantage. In 2011, service expert Ron Kaufman was invited to speak at CapitaMalls’ annual China conference, and soon after his UP! Your Service program was brought to Singapore’s then 19 mall locations to prototype a possible regional expansion.


With CapitaMalls’ many location and time constraints in mind, the UP! Your Service team first implemented their service education program online. 300 of CapitaMalls’ Singapore service providers completed the online “Achieving Superior Service” course, allowing team members to learn Fundamental Service Principles at their convenience. Afterwards, UYS Master Trainers trained Certified Course Leaders who were then equipped to lead group discussions on how to meet and exceed the needs of shoppers and tenants. Today the UYS program continues to grow and develop CMA’s flourishing service culture.

“Service is about adding value to other people and Ron brings a lot of energy to that cause. I’m very keen to get all my team members to subscribe to this mind set.”

Simon Ho Chee Hwee
Chief Executive Officer