Globe Telecom

Globe was a distant #2 in the highly competitive Philippines telecommunications market, disappointing customers and shareholders alike. The population perceived Globe as an expensive utility, while higher-value customers demanded much better service.

Globe launched a program with UYS to achieve a competitive advantage through rapid service improvement and service culture. This effort included service education to inspire employees, contractors, and partners. The following three years have seen dramatic increases in financial performance, market share, and customer delight.


UP! Your Service principles and tools were taught to all employees and contractors in 12 months. 95 Course Leaders were certified by UYS to drive change programs across thousands throughout the entire organization. UYS tools were embedded into existing
 platforms such as Customer First Circles, Get Better Projects, and Customer Experience Blueprints for ongoing service improvement and competitive differentiation.

“This program has been contributing not only improvements
in customer service, but also billions of pesos of real financial benefits. Most importantly, the UYS program has been instrumental in shifting the mindset of our people to actively be part of the change we want to see happen, instilling innovation and continuous process improvement as part of the culture.”

Rebecca Eclipse
Executive V.P. and Chief Customer Experience Officer
Globe Telecom