LUX* Resorts

While the luxury island tourism industry often distinguishes itself through ornateness and excess, LUX* Resorts, under the direction of CEO Paul Jones, is redefining extravagance in terms of experience. Under the banner belief that time is the only true luxury, the resort’s mission is to make each moment matter.

In 2011, Jones called upon renowned service expert Ron Kaufman to assist with this transformation, saying, “We recognize that time is precious, and we shall leave no stone unturned in striving to achieve the level of service that helps all our guests enjoy every second of their stay with us.”


Employing the proven UP! Your Service educational program, Kaufman conducted launch sessions for over 2,000 team members in Mauritius and many others live via internet stream. The UP! Your Service team then certified in-house Course Leaders to establish an actionable service education program. This sustainable approach has earned compliments from guests, higher occupancy rates, better rankings on social media sites, and greater job satisfaction for the diverse LUX* staff.

“The effects of the UP! Your Service program have been transformative. Our team members take greater pride in what they do, and customer response has never been better.”

Julian Hagger
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer