Microsoft Corporation

Since 1985, Microsoft has been a global leader in software development, working with billions of customers and over 640,000 partners around the world. With so many to please and so much to lose, the company continuously seeks to improve their customers’ and partners’ experience.

In response to intensified competition and extensive research, Microsoft created a global Customer and Partner Experience initiative (CPE). Soon after, UP! Your Service was chosen to contribute to the CPE program to help the brand make a momentous shift from a developer-centric culture to a more customer- oriented, proactive, and collaborative company culture.


UP! Your Service trained selected Microsoft employees and partners as Certified Course Leaders to teach and internalize service principles throughout the organization. These Course Leaders conducted UP! Your Service workshops in major cities around the world, enabling employees to listen and respond more effectively, and take personal accountability for customer satisfaction. Today, CPE program teams use the language and tools learned from UP! Your Service to improve product support, new program planning, launch design, as well as future product and service development.

“Ron Kaufman offers a strategy on how to uplift the world around us. For mankind, it’s transformational. For business, it’s a clean and clear path to a sustainable competitive advantage.”

Thomas Moran
Director, Customer and Partner Experience
Microsoft Corporation