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NIIT Technologies

A global IT solutions organization basedin India, NIIT Technologies was widely viewed as talented and reliable. For years it was trusted to deliver well on clearly defined Service Level Agreements. But by 2012, NIIT Tech needed to deliver more than predictability. Expectations were changing rapidly. Customers “did not know what they did not know” – and needed technology partners to advise them on problems, solutions and even innovations not yet imagined or understood.

NIIT Tech’s leaders knew that a fundamental shift in employee thinking and behavior was needed. Employees were not accustomed to thinking innovatively, and only a revolution that included every employee in every location at every level of authority would change this reality.

New Ideas, More Value

In 2012 NIIT Tech reached out to UP! Your Service. Senior leaders made a bold commitment to achieve a company-wide paradigm shift – to constantly generate new ideas and convert them to greater customer value.

Since the “New Ideas, More Value” revolution began in 2013, the percentage of customer-facing ideas has increased from 44% to 99%, number of ideas selected for implementation has grown from 21% to 60%, and almost 50% of selected ideas are implemented within 6 months.

“In the new Digital era our service culture is creating a differentiation. Thank you and your team for making it happen.”

CEO, NIIT Technologies Limited