Nokia Siemens Networks (now NSN)

Every day, a quarter of the world’s population connects using Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) infrastructure and solutions. However, competition is fierce in the telecom market, and NSN must do all that it can to maintain and grow its customer base.

To support this effort, NSN turned to Ron Kaufman’s UP! Your Service program to create a service culture that would distinguish NSN from competitors. CEO Rajeev Suri explains, saying, “Today, everyone has access to the same information, technology is outdated faster than ever before and competitors can replicate everything except our attitude, and our service-focused actions.”


Making UP! Your Service the anchor for their global Service Excellence program, NSN sent 650 members of its Executive Board and Global Leadership Team to UYS leadership workshops in 14 locations around the world, trained high-potential employees as Certified Course Leaders, and scaled curriculum to more than 20,000 team members in 12 languages–all in less than 24 months. Now, customer surveys are more proactive, loyalty scores are increasing, and service excellence is improving across the organization.

“Now we see that, with a little bit of difference in our behavior, we can all deliver much better service, and that helps everyone.”

Lemna Parvini Sani
Certified Course Leader
Nokia Siemens Networks