Royal Vopak

With over 400 years of experience in bulk liquid and chemical storage and facilities across the world, Royal Vopak provides a critical link in the global energy supply chain and maintains an extraordinarily strong culture of Safety and Operational Excellence.

Yet, when it comes to their future, leaders at Vopak look beyond their past successes and even beyond their immediate competitors. Instead, Vopak benchmarks itself against service industry leaders, seeking ways to exceed customer expectations and cultivate a more loyal customer base. That’s why, starting in Asia Pacific region, the company turned to UP! Your Service for new ideas.


Vopak started with a Service Leadership Workshop for its top team in Asia. Managers Workshops were then conducted across the region. Finally, UP! Your Service programs were deployed in 6 languages at 20 terminals in 9 countries. Since then, 80% of team members in Asia and Australia, plus selected contractors and security staff, have participated in service workshops. Now Vopak is seeing improvements in the speed and ease of new project implementation, as well as growth in profit and customer loyalty metrics.

“The programs are working well across cultures and languages – from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam to Pakistan, Korea, Japan and Australia.”

Edwin Ebrahimi
Regional Service Excellence Manager
Royal Vopak