Singapore is Asia’s most connected country with mobile penetration of over 150%, and over 99% internet connectivity. Founded more than 135 years ago, Singtel has always been the largest player and consistently facing dissent about its services and reputation for being ‘institutional and cold’.

In early 2013, the company embarked on a journey to become warmer and in turn, well loved. Singtel chose UP! Your Service (UP) as their partner for this cultural transformation. UP worked with Singtel’s strong group-wide Centre of Excellence, starting with the Singtel Consumer group. Results have been very positive with the UP methodology now being implemented across the Group, including Enterprise, shared services, subsidiaries, and the partner community.


UP principles were taught to all employees in the Singtel consumer group in 12 months to establish a common service language and mindset across silos.40 Course Leaders were certified by UP to drive change, using external UP facilitators for speed, scalability and impact. Finally, UP tools were embedded into “Team Huddles” to improve complaint handling, product launches, and ongoing service improvement. After implementation, Singtel went from worst to best in CSAT in the country in 12 months (based on national survey). The company also received its highest ever Net Promoter and employee engagement scores.

“The UP! Your Service methodology has changed the way we serve our customers and made a difference across the Singtel Group. It has helped us create a new level of service that our customers appreciate and recommend.”

Yuen Kuan Moon
Chief Executive Officer