The Republic of Singapore

Just five times the size of Manhattan and with limited natural resources, Singapore has long known its greatest asset is people. Initially, the country wooed industrialists with low-cost labor. Then, as manufacturing and back-office jobs moved into China and India in the 1980s, the Republic realized it must reinvent what Singapore and Singaporeans
had to offer.


In 1991 the National Productivity Board and Singapore Airlines invited service authority, Ron Kaufman, to play a leading role in educating and mobilizing the nation to build a more vibrant service industry. Facing a diverse populace and an education system more focused on perfection than personality, Kaufman’s task was not small. In his own words he explains, “My job was to help create and launch a national curriculum for innovation and service quality improvement. Our challenge was to educate and inspire the whole nation.”

Over two decades later, Kaufman’s service principles have reached every possible industry and service sector. A vast range of local and global companies and Singapore government agencies have participated in these courses and implemented the ideas.

Today, Singapore is a nation distinguished by Uplifting Service. The country boasts an award winning airport and airline, with a reputation for world-class hospitality, convention, financial, legal, medical, educational, logistics and supply chain services.

“Singapore is an example to the world of how service can distinguish and uplift a nation.”

Ron Kaufman
Creator of the UP! Your Service
consulting methodology