Wipro Technologies

When you work in the technology industry, you always have to be ready for ‘the next big thing’–especially when it comes to best business practices. That’s why information technology and consulting powerhouse Wipro Technologies has long been an early adopter of the latest business improvement methodologies. While Wipro has employed everything from Six Sigma to Lean to Kaizen in order to enhance its efficiency, the company chose to partner with service consultant Ron Kaufman and the UP! Your Service team when it came time to develop a superior, sustainable, and adaptable service culture.


UP! Your Service began working with Wipro in 2008 as part of a new Customer Centricity initiative. After a series of successful pilots, Wipro’s top 30 customer teams completed the full UYS program, while others, including developers and engineers who rarely interact with customers, completed core modules. Within 18 months, all 30 key accounts saw significant customer satisfaction improvement. The company is now widely regarded for “Customer Centricity” thought leadership and domain expertise. “I have witnessed and walked on this proven path and have seen the results that follow. Now is the right time for you and your customers to experience this uplifting transformation as well.”

Jagdish Ramaswamy Chief Quality Officer Wipro