În ultimii ani, de când Dave Ulrich si Wayne Brockbank au scris si au început să vorbească despre valoarea care poate fi creată de HR (in cartea “HR value proposition”) departamentele de HR au căutat metode pentru a deveni adevarați parteneri de afaceri pentru organizațiile lor. Au incercat să găsească căi prin care pot adauga

Un articol pentru manageri si antreprenori Orice  afacere, fie ea multinațională, sau locală, veche de 100 de ani sau un startup nou-nouț, are nevoie să pună clientul în centrul tuturor acțiunilor sale. Strategia aceasta este câștigătoare pentru ca te ajută:

Enjoy this complete keynote speech by Ron Kaufman at the Swiss National Excellence Awards in Lucerne, Switzerland on Uplifting Service Culture. Ron Kaufman is rated one of the „Top 25 Hot Speakers” by the National Speakers Association – and this keynote speech shows why. Watch as this audience of conservative industry CEOs are captivated by

“Once we set our service standards we’ll start growing.” I overheard this comment between two business people on an airplane recently. And I wondered, is this really the best strategy for growth? Organizations often work to establish standards for common service transactions. While specific standards for service performance can be useful they can also be

Catch the highlights of Ron Kaufman’s keynote speech to the annual conference of True Value Hardware Stores. Making the connection between Service, and the delivery of True Value. Watch more Ron Kaufman Keynote Speeches now.

When facilitating workshops there are things I do to bring something new or fresh to each class. This not only makes it new and exciting for me as a facilitator, but more meaningful and interesting for the audience.

In these short videos, Ron Kaufman explains the rationale, insights, and big ideas behind his three most popular keynote speeches: The Service Keynote, The Leadership Keynote, and The Culture Keynote.

You can enjoy a sampling of all three keynotes this five-minute compilation. Enjoy!

When you build an uplifting service culture in a large organization, senior leaders must initiate the process. But ultimately all levels of leadership must embrace the project from the executives in the board room to supervisors on the shop floor. This is why UP! Your Service recommends a simultaneous „top down” and „bottom up” approach

Where is the right place to start a service improvement program inside your organization? The answer may seem obvious. You start with team members who sell to and serve your customers. After all, customers are the ones who buy your products and use your services. They come back when they are happy and complain when

Think of the companies in our world known for outstanding service. One thing is common across these organizations – founders and leaders who have declared service to be a top priority, and who align all other practices in the company to make it so. Senior leaders who lower the priority of service should not expect